Students graduated from NCTU Law perform outstandingly in legal practice related jobs, government units, and other industries. Many of the students graduated from NCTU Law also went on to pursue higher education abroad, and their performances were also recognized by those top-notch schools. Moreover, our graduates have a great reputation among companies in Hsinchu Science Park, and many students got offers even before they graduated. We also have great alumni that actively take part in many activities.

NCTU Law is devoted to not only fostering students’ legal knowledge. We also focus on the ability to solve international legal affairs from an interdisciplinary perspective. Besides legal knowledge, graduating from NCTU Law also represents having a global vision, being familiar with legal practice and capable of possessing various complex disputes in the real world.

Further Study

Students who wish to pursue a higher education abroad regularly get admitted to the LL.M. programs of top law schools in the U.S. including Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, Duke University, New York University, University of Pennsylvania, University of California, UC Berkeley, and Northwestern University.

Studying abroad is a unique experience. Our faculty knows the difficulties students will go through and will make any endeavor to assist students with this process.

National Examination

Taiwan has a highly competitive national examination for practicing law. Students at NCTU Law, regardless of their technology or legal backgrounds, have proven themselves with successful exam result. The solid training on law courses at NCTU Law has helped many students with technology backgrounds pass the exam, sometimes even before they graduated.

Beyond national examination, we also encourage students to obtain lawyer’s licenses in foreign countries. Our American Law program provides students with a complete set of American fundamental law courses, plus talk books and internet learning resources which are also helpful for students to prepare for the bar exam in the U.S. There are at least dozens of students from NCTU Law passed the bar exam in the U.S so far.


Students graduated from NCTU Law have excellent job performance and many of them work in major technology companies or law firms. Many businesses and law firms actively inquire about our students’ willingness to work for them, which implies that the qualities and levels of skill in our graduates are well-recognized by employers in Taiwan.

Our part-time student constitutes another feature of this law school. We have students from different backgrounds, including business or technology background in Science Park companies and other legal professions. By having such a diverse student group, we create a unique learning environment that allows students to exchange their views freely. Professors, students and Alumni together build up a professional network and also by taking classes together and joining many activities, students from different backgrounds have created a friendship. All of the above becomes NCTU Law members’ lifetime valuable assets.