CHEN Tsai-fang (陳在方)


Associate Professor

Director of Legal Center for Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

S.J.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Expertise :

International Economic Law, International Commercial Arbitration, International Investment Law, Patent Law and Licensing

    • SJD (UW- Madison), LL.M (Columbia University, National Taiwan University),
    • LL.B (National Chengchi University).
    • Bar Admissions: Admitted to practice in NY (2011), Taiwan (2003)
    • Judicial Exam in Taiwan (2003).
  • WTO Law, International Investment Law, International Commercial Arbitration, IP Contracts and Licensing, Property Law.
  • Tsai-fang Chen, The Outsider’s Identity in International Commercial Arbitration — From the Group of Companies Doctrine and IBA Guidelines on Conflict of Interest to Adverse Costs Awards Against Third-Party Funders, 12(1) Contemporary Asia Arbitration Journal 21 (2019)
  • Chang-fa Lo, Junji Nakagawa, and Tsai-fang Chen eds, The Appellate Body of the WTO and Its Reform, Springer 2019, Forthcoming
  • Tsai-fang Chen, Judicially Developed Patent Law and Expropriation under Investor-State Dispute Settlement, 11(1) Contemporary Asia Arbitration Journal 75 (2018)
  • Tsai-fang Chen, To Judge the ‘Self-Judging’ Security Exception under the GATT 1994 – A Systematic Approach, 12(2) Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy, 311 (2017)
  • Tsai-fang Chen, Deterring Frivolous Challenges in Investor-State Dispute Settlement, 8(1) Contemporary Asia Arbitration Journal 61 (2015)
  • Tsai-fang Chen, The Implications of ACTA for Asia’s Plurilateral Trade Agreements Regarding the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights, 8 Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy 507 (2013)