LLM Program

The NCTU LLM program is provided for students with or without a legal background. The graduation requirement for students with a legal background is 36 credits; for those who do not have a legal background, an extra 42 credits covering fundamental legal subjects are required. Students normally take three years to earn the credits and finish a master’s thesis.
The admission of our LLM program is highly competitive. Every year, we recruit only 32 full-time and 25 part-time LLM students. Only the best college graduates and practitioners are accepted to the program.

Application Timeline


Admission through RecommendationAdmission through Examination

Admission through Examination

Application Instructions

Available online starting in late September through early October

Available online starting in early December until mid-December

Register and Turn in the Applications

Before Mid-October

Before late December

Second Round (Interviews)



Notification of Admission Decision


Late March

Program Degree Requirements
Master of Law General Admission (Full-time Program)

          Division A (Law Division)

                         Division B (Science Division)

Applicants with a bachelor degree in law or financial law.
Applicants applying through recommendation requires graduating from college within 3 years.

Applicants with a bachelor degree in science, engineering, medical science, agriculture, business administration, liberal art, and others.
Applicants applying through recommendation require graduating from college within 3 years.

Master of Law Admission (for Working Professionals)

     Division A (Judicial Division)

                   Division B (Science Division)

Work Experience

2 years

2 years

Educational Background

Applicants who have already passed the National Judicial Exam (Please attach a copy of the certificate)

Applicants with a degree in law (but does not have a license), or science, engineering, medical science, agriculture, business administration, liberal art, and others.

*Applicants who meet the requirements for either track, please apply for the Master of Law Admission (for Working Professionals).
Application Procedure

1. Applying Online

  1. Please visit the NCTU Online Application System to choose the program to which you want to apply and print the application forms after filling out.

  2. Pay the application fee.

  3. Please attach a copy of the transaction receipt behind one of the application form.

2. Register at ITL’s Website

  1. Please log on to ITL’s website and create an account with your personal information including pictures, contact information, education, and other extraordinary awards.

  2. Please print out the form after completing.

3.Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae should include: *for Master of Law:

  1. Application Form

  2. E-information Form

  3. Biography and Study Plan

  4. A College Transcript (with class ranking)

  5. Applicants with Master degree are required to provide a transcript of Master or other post-secondary institutes attended.

  6. Others references (certificates, licenses, awards, English test record or other official records, writings, presentations, patents or publications…etc.)

*Master of Law (for working professional) :

  1. A transcript of college or other degrees of the highest education

  2. Applicants who apply for Judicial Division Program are required to provide the certificate indicating more than 2 years in judicial service (including judiciary training) and are required to attach a copy of nation judicial exam certificate.

  3. E-information Form

  4. Professional Experience

  5. Research Proposal

  6. Employment History

  7. Biography

  8. Others references (certificates, licenses, awards, English or other scores reports, writings, creations, patents or publications…etc.)

4. Complete the Procedure

Please send the application materials postmarked before the deadline to complete the application process.

*If you have further questions regarding to admission, please click here Q & A for more information.