National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University


National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University is one of the most prestigious universities in Taiwan. The long history and tradition have been of great importance and core value among members of the NYCU community.

Founded in 1896, Shanghai, China, the University was first established to introduce western civilizations, studies of modern sciences and new cultural ideas into China. With the political and governmental complications ongoing issues in the late 19th and early 20th centuries China with its Southeast-Asian counterparts, the University gradually moved its focus and location to Taiwan in the 1950’s. The National Yang Ming Chaio Tung University in Hsinchu began its official operation in 1957 under the current Taiwanese governmental support. Despite the changes in its physical location and structure, the University maintained its spirits and belief in diversity and its commitment to higher level educations. Today, many of the scholars from all over the world came to experience the NYCU difference here in Hsinchu and have found their places from among the wide variety of academic fields provided at the University. NYCU celebrates its members’ contributions to the modern society all over the world and welcomes foreign scholars to bring in new ideas to Taiwan. NYCU believes that innovation and creativity can only arise from true acceptance of individual differences and respect for all ethnicities and cultures.


Located next to the Hsinchu Science Park and in the culture-rich city of Hsinchu, NYCU has one of the most unique and versatile campus environments for those who seeking to find intellectual challenges, hands-on industrial experiences, as well as the simple rural pleasure on the island of Taiwan.

Home to the world-renowned semiconductor business and high-tech companies in Taiwan, the City of Hsinchu harbors the most talented recruits and research facilities in the country. Over 40% of the managing positions in the Hsinchu Science Park are occupied by our very own NYCU alumni. The University not only shares its resources and physical location with these top firms but also maintains an intimate relationship and connection to these companies network-wise, providing our future graduates with better chances in the job field and career opportunities should they find such needs.

Aside from Hsinchu’s competitive advantage as the most high-tech city in the country, Hsinchu excelled in its effort in preserving the most valuable gift from our ancestors who first set foot on this radiant island—humanities and culture. Main residing town to the Hakkanese immigrants, possessors of one of the most preserved ethnic culture in the country, including their language/dialect, customs and ways of living, Hsinchu City is adorned with the beauty of Hakka culture. One can find great varieties of Hakkanese cuisines and entertainments in Hsinchu and its neighboring towns. Sightseeing and vacations in Hakka towns in the greater Hsinchu areas are of popularity among foreign tourists and local residences in Taiwan.