Business Law, Corporate Governance, and White-Collar Crime

White-collar and corporate crimes are complex areas that require a blend of interdisciplinary research and innovative approaches. As globalization expands international business activities, local law enforcement agencies are pushed to enhance their mechanisms for investigating and prosecuting these sophisticated crimes.

At NYCU Law, we offer a range of courses, including those focused on white-collar crime and corporate governance. These courses aim to dissect and understand these issues from multiple angles.

Our curriculum provides students with a comprehensive overview of business and criminal law across regions like the US, Europe, and Taiwan. Through comparative law studies, students gain a holistic view of the global business landscape. This equips them with the skills to undertake legal risk assessments and management effectively.

Furthermore, the role of security regulation in the market cannot be overstated. To address this, NYCU Law offers a progression of courses that span from foundational theories to hands-on practicalities. These courses tackle pressing concerns like security fraud and strategies for its prevention.

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