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Embracing the digital age, NYCU Law stands at the forefront of online education, offering a blend of fully online and hybrid courses to cater to our diverse student body. Our learners have the freedom to customize their academic journey, accessing top-tier, meticulously crafted content at their own pace, from any location with internet connectivity. Moreover, they can engage in real-time, hands-on learning experiences under the guidance of our esteemed faculty.

Having been early enthusiasts of the online education movement, the NYCU School of Law consistently rolls out a variety of online courses each semester, encompassing the summer term as well. Our offerings range from fully asynchronous online modules to synchronous courses featuring live video interactions. Additionally, we provide hybrid courses, blending the best of both online and traditional classroom experiences.

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We use a variety of technology for our online courses.

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e3 Platform

Our online learning platform - Introduction to U.S. Law

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e3 Platform

Our online learning platform - International Business Transactions

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e3 Platform

Our online learning platform - U.S. Publicly Traded Corporations

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