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We offer a series of workshops in order to improve the quality of education at NYCU Law. We invite outstanding faculty from Taiwan and around the world to share their legal scholarship and foster academic discussion among colleagues and peers.

This event will be in English

Lecture: EU Digital Law and Synthetic Data.
About: The goal of this lecture is threefold:
1) to give a short introduction to EU digital law,
2) to explain how synthetic data (that is, fake data generated by machine learning methods that mimic the statistical properties of an original/real dataset) hold the promise to circumvent data protection and copyright limitations, and
(3) to show how thinking about these uses of synthetic data can illustrate certain tensions within the EU Digital Strategy.
The lecture partially builds on:
Katja de Vries (2022) ‘A Researcher’s Guide for Using Personal Data and Non-Personal Data Surrogates: Synthetic Data and Data of Deceased People’ in: ‘Law, AI and Digitalisation’ (Eds. Katja De Vries, Mattias Dahlberg), Iustus, Uppsala.
In this chapter Katja de Vries examines synthetic data as a ‘possible surrogate for personal data, which allow researchers to escape from the scope of the GDPR.’


This event will be in English.

Hiroshi MIYASHITA is Professor at Chuo University.  Prior to this, he was chief in the Office of Personal Information Protection in the Cabinet Office, and assisted Taiwan's government in drafting the Personal Data Protection Act. His research areas include constitution law, information privacy, Common Law, GDPR, etc. In this lecture, we will discuss the latest Personal Data Protection Act and restrictions on data transfer in Japan under the GDPR adequacy decision.
Naoko AKIMOTO was assistant professor of NYCU School of Law, and worked in the predecessor of Anderson Mori & Tomotsune Law Firm, a large law firm in Japan. She served as Manager of the Department of Research Integrity and Legal Affairs, Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED). Her research areas include medical law, pharmaceutical law, information privacy .

※This event will be in English

Speaker: Anna Bryła, Poland
Topic: Impact of ESG regulations on business in the EU

Speaker: Adam Kościelniak, Poland
Topic: Renewable energy landscape in Europe

※This event will be in English

Speaker: Dr. Jevgenija Vienažindytė, Attorney at law, Lecturer at Vilnius University Faculty of Law
Topic: The European Union Falsified Medicines Directive (2011/62/EU): General framework

Speaker: Koray Parmaksiz, Researcher, Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM), Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Topic: What Makes a National Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System Succeed? Lessons From Turkey

In this lecture, we will discuss the role that companies are expected to play in the governance of Artificial Intelligence under the proposed EU AI Regulation. This Regulation, if passed, will be the first significant binding legal instrument regulating the development and use of artificial intelligence in the world, and will shape the development of the governance of AI not only in the European Union but across the globe.

The proposed Regulation will impose a wide range of obligations on providers of AI systems to ensure that the systems they place on the market are safe and respect the fundamental rights of persons. These providers will mostly be business companies, in both Europe and elsewhere. This lecture will explain the proposed Regulation and examine in particular the obligations, which the Regulation would impose on such companies engaged in the development and deployment of AI.

Speaker: Hiroko Ito (Academic Research Fellow, Graduate School of Law, Nagoya University, Japan)

Moderator: Thomas Chen (Director, NYCU School of Law)

Panelist: Robert Leflar (Visiting Professor, NYCU School of Law)


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