Faculty Workshops

We offer a series of workshops in order to improve the quality of education at NYCU Law. We invite outstanding faculty from Taiwan and around the world to share their legal scholarship and foster academic discussion among colleagues and peers.

Speaker: Hiroko Ito (Academic Research Fellow, Graduate School of Law, Nagoya University, Japan)

Moderator: Thomas Chen (Director, NYCU School of Law)

Panelist: Robert Leflar (Visiting Professor, NYCU School of Law)


Jakob Huang (黃朝琮律師) from Chen & Lin Attorneys-at-Law will discuss the topic "Provisional Injunction in Commercial Cases and Constructing Directors’ Liability Law."

Professor Jen-Shou Hsu (許仁碩) from Hokkaido University Graduate School of Law, will give a talk on the topic  "Construct an Effective Police Supervisory System: Comparison among Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan."

Jimmy Chia-Shin Hsu will discuss resistance and disobedience under democracy and rule of law. Topics will focus on a reflection of a criminal judgment of Supreme Court from a legal philosophy perspective.

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