Information Communication and Competition Law

Navigating the dynamic intersections of law and technology, our focus in the realm of Information Communication and Competition Law is multifaceted. We aim to address essential legal norms that encompass maintaining market openness and competition, safeguarding business operations, marketing investments, and innovations against unlawful exploitation, and protecting user interests against undue infringements.

NYCU Law stands as a beacon of excellence in Taiwan, particularly in the fields of information, communications, and network technologies. We pride ourselves on our robust engagement with the technology industry, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and innovations. By synergizing NYCU’s avant-garde technological research and development capabilities with the ingenuity and business strategies emanating from the Hsinchu Science Park, we have curated a suite of diverse and insightful interdisciplinary research and teaching courses.

Our courses are meticulously designed to probe the profound impacts and responses elicited by technological advancements in information communications within societies and legal frameworks. Central to our curriculum is a rich analysis of various business models, competitive paradigms, and real-world cases. This approach aims to cultivate legal norms that are attuned to the swift currents of technological and industrial innovations pervading the information and communication sectors, ensuring a legal landscape that is both adaptive and robust.

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