Information Communication and Competition Law

Legal norms in this field must address the following issues: (a) maintaining market openness and competition; (b) protecting business operations, marketing investments, and innovations against illegal exploitation; and (c) protecting user’s interests against unreasonable encroachment. In the fields of information, communications, and network technologies, the NYCU is a leading teaching and research institute in Taiwan that frequently interacts with the technology industry. After integrating the cutting-edge technological R&D capacity of NYCU and the creativity and business strategies of the Hsinchu Science Park, NYCU Law designed diverse and insightful interdisciplinary research and teaching courses.

These courses focus on the impact and response of technological development in information communications on human societies and legal systems, using in-depth analysis of business types, competing models, and actual cases as their core concern. The purpose of these courses is to develop appropriate legal norms in response to the rapid technological breakthroughs and industrial innovations in the information and communication sectors.

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