Law of Biotechnology and Medicine

The legal norms governing biomedical activities must address the following problems: (a) various issues related to researching and developing biomedical products such as the conflicts of interest between industries and academia, intellectual property, product launch, approvals for generic drugs, and product liability; (b) the possible effects of biomedical inventions on social values and ethical issues and possible balances; (c) the increasingly complex institutional norms in the medical field influenced by the National Health Insurance and increasingly large medical institutions; and (d) governments need to face the public health issues such as finding a balance between ensuring people’s right to health and limiting other freedoms, especially in terms of global population movement.

The Hsinchu area has comprehensive industrial, governmental, and academic environments in the biomedical field: the National Health Research Institutes, which is the primary institute for health policies and technological research and development (R&D); the Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park, which focuses on integrating advanced medical materials in the electronics industry and pharmaceutical manufacturers, and NYCU, which has accomplished substantial achievements in bioinformatics, biomedical engineering, molecular medicine, nanotechnology, and intelligent medical care. The objectives of the NYCU School of Law are to promote public health and industrial development by integrating local resources. Basing on organizational structures and R&D incentives necessary for the biomedical technologies, the NYCU School of Law researchers identify and examine the complex interactions among the biotechnology industry, health care systems, government agencies, academic R&D institutes, and society to identify a balance between the interests of all parties and promote the legal norms related to industrial R&D. Additionally, the NYCU School of Lawl designs courses based on the demands of relevant parties, cultivating legal talent to satisfy the needs for knowledge production and talent cultivation.

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