Intellectual Property Law

NYCU Law is a leader in research, teaching, and learning related to intellectual property rights and emerging technologies. Core topics include patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets, with a focus on courses and research topics related to patent law. Empirical studies organized by NYCU Law have been conducted in Taiwan, the United States, and China.

NYCU Law has been hosting the annual National Technology Law Conference since 1997. This conference focuses on integrating legal developments and industrial practices.

NYCU Law also hosts the National College- and University-Level Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Manager Training program, commissioned by Taiwan’s National Science Council. NYCU Law also hosts the Technology Law Talent Training program, commissioned by the Hsinchu Science Park Administration.

NYCU Law regularly hosts international and domestic conferences and courses that relate to emerging technology laws. NYCU Law has established itself as a pioneer in research, teaching, and service in the field of intellectual property rights.

Research of copyright and trademark requires emphasis on the interaction between international trends and practices. Emerging technologies have fundamentally affected copyright protection and trademark use, causing substantial changes to the concepts and principles of these domains. The NYCU Law curriculum and research are based on the philosophy of diverse integration, and its latest theoretical and empirical studies of the legal principles of copyright and trademark have achieved unique innovations, advancing the connections among the theories of property laws, protection of aboriginal intellectual property, and the evolution of technology-derived laws.

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