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NYCU Law values diversity, responsibility, and social awareness. Ever since its creation, NYCU Law faculty has stood by its strong dedication to research that crosses disciplines at the cutting edge of law and technology. Our faculty is engaged in scholarship that addresses the social challenges of our times and catalyzes positive change. NYCU Law faculty and students share a commitment to scholarship that pushes legal boundaries, reaches beyond borders, and expands its influence across the globe.


Internationalization, empiricism, and integration have come to be the hallmarks of NYCU Law. Aside from its profession in technology law, NYCU Law has been dedicated to the promotion of empirical studies, interdisciplinary approach in law and internationalization in legal education and research. In 2005, NYCU Law created judicial internship programs, where students can gain hands-on experience from observing court proceedings in legal practice. On the other hand, from 2006, the “National Conference on Empirical Legal Studies ” was held annually at NYCU Law to promote  various factual studies relating to law. We believe, in addition to what law itself can provide, empirical research in law gives a broader approach to observe and analyze legal issues, which allows legal studies to draw close to people’s real life, increase its completeness and gain deeper insight.


In terms of internationalization, NYCU Law designed and offered pioneering joint-degree programs with University of Illinois Chicago School of Law (formerly known as UIC John Marshall Law School) at Chicago, U.S.A by 2003, and with Washington University in St. Louis by 2006. In 2007, NYCU Law joined the International Association of Law Schools (IALS). Through sharing our interdisciplinary studies and divergent native experiences to the worldwide legal education community, NYCU Law is devoted to giving fresh impetus to international research collaboration as well as enhancing community development in a global context.

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