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NYCU Law is renowned for producing scholarly works that delve deeply into specific areas of the law and explore innovative approaches to understanding legal developments.

NYCU Law Review

The NYCU Law Review is dedicated to embracing a global perspective on law, emphasizing the importance of empirical research, and fostering interdisciplinary connections. Our goal is to provide a space for diverse discussions that bridge different fields. We are passionate about promoting forward-thinking legal studies and hold the conviction that law should mirror societal truths while striving for fairness and justice.

Digital Law Asia

Digital Law Asia serves as a hub for scholars, legal professionals, and experts to delve into the nuances of digital law within the Asian context. Managed by a five-member editorial board from three Taiwanese universities, our platform prioritizes concise, impactful blog posts ranging from 500 to 2,000 words. Beyond written content, we also offer multimedia resources like podcasts and videos. This initiative is a collaborative effort between the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Center for Digital Governance and Legal Innovation and the School of Law.

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