After Graduation

The performance of our graduates is very outstanding, whether in legal practice, government departments, or various in-house positions. Their presence is felt not only in Taiwan, but around the world. For example, four judges Chen Guocheng, Chen Zhongxing, Lin Xinrong, and Cai Huiru of the Intellectual Property Court, prosecutor Lu Wenzhong of the intellectual property high score prosecutor, Zhang Shaobin, who specializes in Internet and intellectual property crimes, and director Zhu Shuaijun, prosecutor, are all outstanding examples of our alumni in Taiwan. In addition to employment performance, a number of graduates of our school continue to study advanced degrees or go abroad for further studies. Many companies in the nearby Hsinchu Science Park hold our graduates in high regard, and actively recruit our students to join them after graduation. Our graduates also have a very high overall satisfaction of their time at NYCU Law, and often return to the school to participate in activities after graduation.

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