International Ph.D.

The Ph.D. program is a full-time advanced degree involving extensive and research-intensive study for students who aim for an academic position.  Each year, the NYCU Ph.D. program accepts three students who stand out from the program’s highly competitive application procedure. Students with a master’s degree are eligible to apply for the Ph.D. program. The part-time Ph.D. program is open for students who have been working for at least one year.


Application for Ph.D. 


Applying for Ph.D. 

  • First round: legal English examination & Application
  • Second round: Interview 

Application period 

Early April 

Number of students recruited

Date of examination and interview 

Examination: Late April 

Interview: Early May


Same as LL.M. 

Required materials 

  • Application forms
  • A transcript of bachelor’s and Master’s degree
  • CV
  • Personal statement
  • Research proposal including issue, problem statements, literature reviews, methodology 
  • Master’s thesis 
  • Other extra certificates, awards, licenses (optional)

* Applicants applying for the part-time Ph.D. program should also submit their proof of employment, working experience list, and proof of years of service. 

Notification of decision



Stages of a Ph.D. program


Stage 1

  • Decide the main research direction and conduct comprehensive research. 

  • Participates in preliminary courses, Law Review Editing, Economic Analysis of Law. 

  • With the agreement of the supervising professor, takes 4 credits of optional courses which relate to the field of research. 

  • This stage must be completed within 18 months after enrollment. 

Stage 2

  • Participates in Legal Thesis Writing and Methodology Course and decides the topic of the thesis. 

  • With the agreement of the Ph.D. Thesis Committee, takes 6 credits of optional courses which relate to the topic of the thesis, and passes the qualification exam. 

  • This stage must be completed within 2 years after passing the first stage. 

Stage 3

  • Writes the thesis and passes the final oral examination. 

  • This stage must be completed within 2 years after passing the second stage.  

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