EU Digital Law and Synthetic Data

This event will be in English

Lecture: EU Digital Law and Synthetic Data.
About: The goal of this lecture is threefold:
1) to give a short introduction to EU digital law,
2) to explain how synthetic data (that is, fake data generated by machine learning methods that mimic the statistical properties of an original/real dataset) hold the promise to circumvent data protection and copyright limitations, and
(3) to show how thinking about these uses of synthetic data can illustrate certain tensions within the EU Digital Strategy.
The lecture partially builds on:
Katja de Vries (2022) ‘A Researcher’s Guide for Using Personal Data and Non-Personal Data Surrogates: Synthetic Data and Data of Deceased People’ in: ‘Law, AI and Digitalisation’ (Eds. Katja De Vries, Mattias Dahlberg), Iustus, Uppsala.
In this chapter Katja de Vries examines synthetic data as a ‘possible surrogate for personal data, which allow researchers to escape from the scope of the GDPR.’


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